One might ask, what does a dogs life mean?  Well, it used to mean that the dog would sleep outside rain or shine and if lucky would have a dog house.  Today, it means the dog sleeps in the owners bed or has their own room with luxurious furniture. They eat out of fine china bowls, wears the cutest clothes and boots and is carried in a glamorous pet carrier, because you don’t dare leave your precious dog at home alone.  You bath them in spa products you would use on yourself, use the same perfume scent you use, has a Swarovski crystal collar or better yet a stunning necklace, and don’t dare forget the Doggles to top it off.  Some might laugh and bicker at people who dress and treat there dogs as if they are children, that is only because they do not understand or might not have a dog or cat to know what TRUE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IS.
Your dog won’t talk back to you, won’t call you bad names, won’t leave you for someone else, BUT they will give you kisses, follow you around, cry when you leave because they
miss you, greet you at the door with a toy, protect you and so much more, and that is why I started this company so others can spoil there pooch as they deserve it.
I myself have three dogs, Timmy the senior was adopted from the Houston Humane Society when he was 4yrs old and is currently 13yrs old, he likes to enjoy time outside in the sun and loves to sleep under the bed, then there is Oreo, Mr. Personality, he was adopted from the Houston SPCA when he was 3-months old and is currently 3yrs old, he loves everybody, except his shadow and toy poodles (long story), he is very active and loves to play chase and hide-n-seek, loves to dress up and loves his new sister Abigail (Abby) who was adopted from the Safe House Rescue when she was 3-months old and is currently 6-months old and is a total Diva, she won’t admit it but she loves to dress up and loves the attention.  She thinks she has Oreo in the palm of her paw, if she only knew!
When we adopted Oreo, I searched to find the cutest boy clothes
for him, my husband just laughed at me, always said “You need a
girl dog to dress up”.  So I got one, and I was so excited, I took
her shopping to find clothes and cute accessories and found
NOTHING!  I had already been pondering on the idea of a pet
boutique for about a year but kept putting it off, but when I couldn’t
find anything for my Abby, I realized it was time to pursue my dream.
So here it is America, I have searched long and hard to find the cutest clothes and accessories to offer you,  we are here to HELP YOU spoil your pooch!