Are wireless dog fences better than regular fences?

Many dog owners need fences to keep their dogs in the yard and often choose either to have a wireless fence or a regular fence. Each of these fences offers advantages and disadvantages. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each before deciding on what you will want. In order to determine if wireless dog fences are better than regular fences, we will look at the Pros and cons of Wireless fences when compared to regular fences.

Pros of wireless dog fences when compared to regular fences

-Wireless dog fences are flexible. Unlike regular fences that block the surrounding view, wireless fences don’t interfere with surrounding views and green spaces. They give you the feeling of being outside

-Wireless dog fences are more affordable than regular fences. This is because some fencing materials like wood and iron. Wireless fences are less costly even when professionally installed.

-Regular fences work well mostly on flat or gently sloping yards. Wireless fences on the other hand can work on almost every terrain from hilly spots to wooded areas and water

-Wireless dog fences are installed more quickly than regular fences. The entire process of laying fence posts, nailing boards, welding iron or rolling wire takes a long with regular fences.

-Wireless dog fences are more reliable than regular fences. With regular fences, dogs can climb over, dig under, or chew through fences but this is not possible with the case of a wireless fence.

Cons of wireless dog fences when compared to regular fences

-With a wireless dog fence, you will need to train your dog to know where the fence is. This will prevent the dog from constantly getting shocked. This training is not necessary with regular fences because the dog can clearly see the fence.

-Wireless dog fences are sometime not reliable. This is especially in situations where the power supply is interrupted by a cut wire or dead battery in the collar. In this case, it becomes possible for the dog to escape.

-A wireless dog fence can shock your dog when he attempts to pass through. This shock can make your dog agitated and instill fear in your dog. This is completely eliminated with a regular fence

Before concluding on whether you will need a wireless fence or a regular fence, make sure you have done your research and are sure before starting. A good choice will make both you and your dog happy.