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Best dog food for muscle growth

Staying healthy is a must even for a dog and it means your dog requires good nutrition and enough exercise. You may protect the dog from developing arthritis and ageing by ascertaining it eats food helping to build muscle or for muscle growth, increase metabolism and to reduce fat intake. The two best dog foods for muscle growth that are available as of 2019 are probably, Blue buffalo and taste of the wild. These two dog foods are compared to one another quite a lot as they are both equally amazing dog foods.

Having different food at different stages is important. The best dog food for muscle growth should be the food with proteins. There is a need to develop vital organs and muscle with high protein content. It is same as humans who appear energetic. Dogs also need protein to stay active such that they build muscles at all stages. Before changing your dog diet, visit a canine nutritionist.

Choosing the best dog food ensuring muscle growth means it is ideal to create a perfect diet providing essential amino acids supporting the muscle growth and for additional support. You may consult a nutritionist to provide you a safe and balanced diet.

The amino specific acids are essential in maintaining muscle mass. These are higher with meat protein base and also have natural oils and fats. It must be free of artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives and low in carbohydrates.

It should have all essential minerals and vitamins. Calcium should not be in excess. Select the best dog food is not very east, but following certain tips certainly helps. In case the dog food contains single ingredient, then it should have 95% of it. For instance, if the dog food says it has beef, then it should have 95% beef as minimum.

Another thing is to carefully read the ingredients. Do research; know the meaning of the term and its side effects. The premium processed dog food types include carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins such as A, D, E, and B, besides enough fiber contents. Calcium is an essential ingredient for the toning of muscles and bone growth.

Keep in mind that different food is required for different dogs. The food of each dog varies with its breed, age and related factor.  There is a need to be careful about the food that goes into the body of your dog. Some breeds may be susceptible to allergies, so there is a need to select the dog food based on the level of activity. The more a dog exercises, it needs more energy and this is based on the growth.

Remember, growing puppies need high energy and dogs in severe cold temperatures need 10 to 90 percent more energy than the dogs with temperate climate.

How do dogs get mange?

Mange is seen in dogs, do you know how do dogs get mange? It starts as tiny mites that burrow into the skin of the dog. These mites thrive and live off the nutrients. It reproduces on the dog’s skin these microscopic mites, lays eggs, and multiplies. These are parasites multiplying at a very fast rate. This activity causes intense itching and results in hair loss, extreme scratching, bald spots and red infected skin areas. To keep your dogs paws well moisturized learn more here.

Types of Mange

Sarcoptic and Cheyletiella Mites

The sarcoptic and cheyletiella mites are the most contagious. It can spread through direct and indirect contact or another animal affected with cheyletiella or sarcoptic mites. The Sacroptic mange is really serious and produces life-threatening skin conditions as it spreads to all the areas in the dog’s body. These mites cannot be seen through naked eye as they are microscopic.

Cheyletiella mites can be seen as they are large. To contract mange such as sarcoptic or cheyletiella, the dog need not come in contact with another dog. Actually, a dog that gets into contact with any tangible item or bedding that an infected dog had contact is more than enough to become susceptible to contract mange. Your pets once infected with these mange types needs to be quarantined until they are properly treated. Both these types of mites are highly contagious that they can affect other animals and also humans.

Demodectic Mites

These are also one of the mites causing mange, but are less worrisome. The Demodectic mites are passed to the puppy from the mother. These mites live on the hair follicles and most time these mites are without engendering symptoms.  However, the existence of some conditions such as abundant stress, compromised immune system or other issues of unhealthiness may cause the demodectic mites to lose hair and scratching. The dogs with demodectic mange need not be isolated from other animals as it is not contagious.

Preventing Mange

Mange must be prevented and the main way of preventing it is to maintain good hygiene in a dog. The pet owners must take care to provide fresh bedding to your pet, initiate worming and flea prevention, and keep current vaccinations, and fee quality and nutritional pet food. In addition, it is recommended to spay females so that the hormonal changes do not add stress.

Any time you suspect mange in your dog, remember it should be checked by a veterinarian for proper treatment and diagnosis.

Are wireless dog fences better than regular fences?

Many dog owners need fences to keep their dogs in the yard and often choose either to have a wireless fence or a regular fence. Each of these fences offers advantages and disadvantages. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each before deciding on what you will want. In order to determine if wireless dog fences are better than regular fences, we will look at the Pros and cons of Wireless fences when compared to regular fences.

Pros of wireless dog fences when compared to regular fences

-Wireless dog fences are flexible. Unlike regular fences that block the surrounding view, wireless fences don’t interfere with surrounding views and green spaces. They give you the feeling of being outside

-Wireless dog fences are more affordable than regular fences. This is because some fencing materials like wood and iron. Wireless fences are less costly even when professionally installed.

-Regular fences work well mostly on flat or gently sloping yards. Wireless fences on the other hand can work on almost every terrain from hilly spots to wooded areas and water

-Wireless dog fences are installed more quickly than regular fences. The entire process of laying fence posts, nailing boards, welding iron or rolling wire takes a long with regular fences.

-Wireless dog fences are more reliable than regular fences. With regular fences, dogs can climb over, dig under, or chew through fences but this is not possible with the case of a wireless fence.

Cons of wireless dog fences when compared to regular fences

-With a wireless dog fence, you will need to train your dog to know where the fence is. This will prevent the dog from constantly getting shocked. This training is not necessary with regular fences because the dog can clearly see the fence.

-Wireless dog fences are sometime not reliable. This is especially in situations where the power supply is interrupted by a cut wire or dead battery in the collar. In this case, it becomes possible for the dog to escape.

-A wireless dog fence can shock your dog when he attempts to pass through. This shock can make your dog agitated and instill fear in your dog. This is completely eliminated with a regular fence

Before concluding on whether you will need a wireless fence or a regular fence, make sure you have done your research and are sure before starting. A good choice will make both you and your dog happy.


Best dog beaches in the USA

Is the summer coming to an end, are you looking to the beach for the last time? These shoreline stretches are dog-friendly and it allows traveling with the entire family and your furriest friend to enjoy a getaway on the beach.

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Before you go, bear in mind you can bring your four-legged buddy, but also pack a good sunscreen and a book to read on the beach.  Start your day early or in the noon arrive later, keep your dog in the mid-day sun from over-heating. Do not forget a beach umbrella, towel and fresh water bowl to keep the pet cool.

The dogs same as humans get a sunburn, so pack doggie sun block that is pet-safe, especially in case your dog has white shirt fur or light color. The ears, nose, and belly are prone to painful burn. However, not every dog is aware of swimming and so to test their abilities in a pool prior to jumping into the ocean rough waves.

The best dog beaches in the USA:

Huntington Dog Beach in California

Huntington Dog beach is famous as it houses Surf Dog competition annually. Here the dogs ride and hang in the California waves same as humans.  As per the city ordinance, the dogs remain leashed, but the pooches that are well- behaved is free to splash and can be kept unleashed.

Wildwood Dog Beach in New Jersey

You can spend a day and find the right spot at Wildwood Dog Beach. There is fire hydrant two-story decorated with dog bones and paw prints. The dogs may be on the beach leashed, but there is an off-leash dog park fenced-in where your pup gets his exercise.  Doggie fresh water and waste bags are on-site available. However, your furry friend is restricted on the boardwalk.

Fort De Soto Dog Beach in Tierra Verde, Florida

Fort De Soto Beach is in Florida south of St. Petersburg at 15 miles. This is known for its blue waters and the sand is pearl white. Bring your dog and have leash-free fun in the playground that is two fenced-in areas keeping the big dogs separate from the tiniest pups.  You will find a stretch of beach for a quarter-mile reserved for Fido alone. The dogs are off-leash allowed in designated area, but keep a six-foot leash while in other areas. If you and your canine consider venturing out, consider the kayaks, pet-friendly canoes, and paddle board available on rent.

How to make dog costumes?

Dog costumes are hilarious, but it is not wrong. Even the dogs love wearing costumes on special occasions. Considering making dog costumes as DIY gives a bonding. Every pet is adorable and the dogs love the princess dresses and also the Halloween costumes. you can make dog costumes without breaking your bank.

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DIY Dog Costumes

  • Add a sweater, a wizard hat, a scarf in crimson color and your dog will look entirely different for the evening. This costume for a dog works to be magical.
  • You can knit or stitch a unicorn mask, paint to cones as gold horns and keep it ready for the Halloween. If you know knitting, you must recreate this look.
  • Cut off your child’s white t-shirt sleeves and stitch tulle. Take a white headband and glue tulle for a veil, suits if your pet wishes to make a cute ballerina.
  • Butterfly dress is super simple involving no sewing. You require a pillow and scissors. Cut the stuffing, make a hole for the face and done. Your dog will be comfortable and will love this soft costume. Buy animal pillow to make it a beautiful costume for your dog.
  • Give your dog a skunk look. You need a dog t-shirt can be your husbands or sons t-shirt that will fill him easily. The rest is the faux fur and glue gun to be stuck to the t-shirt before putting it on your dog and this costume will make heads turn.
  • Buy wolfman mask, grab a scissors or knife and unstitch from the latex mask the hair. Attach to the lion’s mane the collar, attach under the neck the Velcro and close the neck area. Attach the elastic under the chin high up from Velcro and close the lions mane around your dogs neck area. Finally attach the Velcro under the chin keeping the elastic high from the Velcro, thus it does not slide behind your dogs ears. Also attach the mask using a rubber band to your dog’s tail. He will resemble the king of the jungle look.
  • Give your dog a dino look with dinosaur costume. Cut a spine spiky template, trace the spine spikes with disappearing ink pen and cut the spikes, but keep it attached to the felt. Cut through the slits, place on the shirt and trace lines. snip the slits on the shirt, place the felt strip, pull the spikes such that they stand up through the slits and wear it like a t-shirt on your dog.


The Best Dog for an Apartment

Some people have made a conclusion that the best dogs for an apartment should be lazy, funny in terms of character and should be awkwardly looking in order to attract the attention of the visitors coming in to your apartment. However, all in all the best dog for an apartment is any type of a dog that you think will make you happy because nobody wants that which does not make him/her happy in the long run. Apartments dogs are the flowers of your apartment and you must have a rough idea of what to go for when looking for the best dog for an apartment.

The Pug

If you are playful or someone who accrues fun and joy through plays, then the pug is the right breed of dogs for your apartment. This is so basically because the pugs are playful and you don’t need to invest too much in getting your dog to cheer up and start playing. They are full of fun activities and they are also sensitive to temperatures. Whenever the temps are too high, your do will develop breathing problems and you better have a fan within your apartment just to prolog the playfulness.

The Shih Tzu

This name sounds like a Chinese name but it is not possible to confirm its origin at this particular moment. All in all it weighs about 9 to 16 pounds and it is a friendly types far from being alert. Among all the other lazy dogs meant for an apartment, this one is very active and always alert. With perfect raining, it has the ability to sense approaching visitors even before they ring your door bells. The Shih Tzu is the perfect dog to walk around your apartment as they are good for outdoors activities as well.

English Bulldog

They are said to be ugly but lazy and they spend most of their time snoring, watching what people do and you might think that they are tough. Their wrinkled faces does not mean a serious business but they long for you to lift them and sleep with it on the couch. They are perfect dogs for indoors and when introduced to the outside environment, they tend to be uncomfortable. They have short hairs and this makes easy to clean unlike other dogs which are full of bushy hair on their coats. Though lazy, they are the best companions.