How to make dog costumes?

Dog costumes are hilarious, but it is not wrong. Even the dogs love wearing costumes on special occasions. Considering making dog costumes as DIY gives a bonding. Every pet is adorable and the dogs love the princess dresses and also the Halloween costumes. you can make dog costumes without breaking your bank.

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DIY Dog Costumes

  • Add a sweater, a wizard hat, a scarf in crimson color and your dog will look entirely different for the evening. This costume for a dog works to be magical.
  • You can knit or stitch a unicorn mask, paint to cones as gold horns and keep it ready for the Halloween. If you know knitting, you must recreate this look.
  • Cut off your child’s white t-shirt sleeves and stitch tulle. Take a white headband and glue tulle for a veil, suits if your pet wishes to make a cute ballerina.
  • Butterfly dress is super simple involving no sewing. You require a pillow and scissors. Cut the stuffing, make a hole for the face and done. Your dog will be comfortable and will love this soft costume. Buy animal pillow to make it a beautiful costume for your dog.
  • Give your dog a skunk look. You need a dog t-shirt can be your husbands or sons t-shirt that will fill him easily. The rest is the faux fur and glue gun to be stuck to the t-shirt before putting it on your dog and this costume will make heads turn.
  • Buy wolfman mask, grab a scissors or knife and unstitch from the latex mask the hair. Attach to the lion’s mane the collar, attach under the neck the Velcro and close the neck area. Attach the elastic under the chin high up from Velcro and close the lions mane around your dogs neck area. Finally attach the Velcro under the chin keeping the elastic high from the Velcro, thus it does not slide behind your dogs ears. Also attach the mask using a rubber band to your dog’s tail. He will resemble the king of the jungle look.
  • Give your dog a dino look with dinosaur costume. Cut a spine spiky template, trace the spine spikes with disappearing ink pen and cut the spikes, but keep it attached to the felt. Cut through the slits, place on the shirt and trace lines. snip the slits on the shirt, place the felt strip, pull the spikes such that they stand up through the slits and wear it like a t-shirt on your dog.