The Best Dog for an Apartment

Some people have made a conclusion that the best dogs for an apartment should be lazy, funny in terms of character and should be awkwardly looking in order to attract the attention of the visitors coming in to your apartment. However, all in all the best dog for an apartment is any type of a dog that you think will make you happy because nobody wants that which does not make him/her happy in the long run. Apartments dogs are the flowers of your apartment and you must have a rough idea of what to go for when looking for the best dog for an apartment.

The Pug

If you are playful or someone who accrues fun and joy through plays, then the pug is the right breed of dogs for your apartment. This is so basically because the pugs are playful and you don’t need to invest too much in getting your dog to cheer up and start playing. They are full of fun activities and they are also sensitive to temperatures. Whenever the temps are too high, your do will develop breathing problems and you better have a fan within your apartment just to prolog the playfulness.

The Shih Tzu

This name sounds like a Chinese name but it is not possible to confirm its origin at this particular moment. All in all it weighs about 9 to 16 pounds and it is a friendly types far from being alert. Among all the other lazy dogs meant for an apartment, this one is very active and always alert. With perfect raining, it has the ability to sense approaching visitors even before they ring your door bells. The Shih Tzu is the perfect dog to walk around your apartment as they are good for outdoors activities as well.

English Bulldog

They are said to be ugly but lazy and they spend most of their time snoring, watching what people do and you might think that they are tough. Their wrinkled faces does not mean a serious business but they long for you to lift them and sleep with it on the couch. They are perfect dogs for indoors and when introduced to the outside environment, they tend to be uncomfortable. They have short hairs and this makes easy to clean unlike other dogs which are full of bushy hair on their coats. Though lazy, they are the best companions.